Dear Riot, thanks for your beloved game but I'm out.

I play this game since May 2018 and I reached Silver 1 by playing in my free time and I've never been banned or anything, once got a chat restriction at the beginning for not knowing that LoL had strict rules about attitude and behaviour. But I contacted support and they helped me through it and removed my lock on honor. I just want to say this was a nice game but the players are highly toxic and they ruin it, and in the future if RIot doesn't start taking care of those type of players they'll loose 50% of their playerbase. After pre-season I couldn't stand kids who would run it down mid after denying to give them the demanded position, I couldn't stand players who keept flaming everyone while they were 0/11 and now I can't stand playing this game while I see those players go away easily with those type of behaviours. They just create another account and keep inting and ruining games because they have no life or so at all. Lately I've not been even bothering to win and I dropped from S1 to S4 almost bronze in 1 week and I've been having fun on ranked just like everyone else, got plenty of guys banned tho! Thanks for the time guys, I'm out.

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