4 AFK, New Record

Pretty self explanatory. I've recently been getting a lot of games with players griefing or leaving, with griefing being the better out of the two. And today I found out that it's possible to initiate a 1 man vote surrender. Looking at topics surrounding player behaviour there's a shared consensus that this behaviour should not only be expected but simply toleration. With the commonly accepted solution being to play for yourself, and maybe that is the only way to play Leagues. I've never really seen a huge interest in focusing on stats over fostering a welcoming game environment, but it's come down to that. I just play each game looking to improve my stats and just accept that I'm going to encounter negative player behaviour in 90% of my games. If you can find someone you know to duo with I guess this might help, but that's not saying that playing in a group or duo will instantly equal better player behaviour. Duoing with the guy that flames his team in solo/que isn't any more than playing with against him. My first experiences playing this game when I started should have been a red flag. The only thing that's changed is that I now expect negative player behaviour, even embraced it, and try to employ the use of the mute feature. It's a bit like a silent disco or Sunday league football battle royal. On a last note I also realise that team chat is now only exclusively used for trash talking and mental games. I think it's weird that I see chat used less to make calls or reinforce pings. All or most chat seems to consist of or is met with a stream of profanities and taunts. Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint, hell I have in illustrious career of engaging or being baited into the kind of talk you probably wouldn't repeat in front of your mema. I guess you either die honor 5 or live long enough to see yourself become the average League player.
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