Just my thoughts abot this all..

Hi all first time posting , but playing since season 1. I know its not possible to regulate it , but if somehow this game could be played only by 18y olds + , this would be the best game in the world. I live in Croatia and regulary go to the internet caffe. EVERY day there are bunch of kids who got ebay accs (silver , gold , plat , even diamond) and they troll just for fun in ranked. Even when they dont , they usually try new champions for the first time in ranked , or go syndra jungle or some other ****. I dodge so many ranked games lately..it really ruins this GREAT , well balanced game. im not that guy who crys on forum after every troll but cmon , my last game looked like this : "I go mid or troll" , "ok go troll noob , im mid" , than third guy says "cancer to u all , I go afk". Thats even before game began... I know its never gonna change , but its really depressing to play for LP than comes kid who doesnt care and u lose it all.. My suggestion is not only ranked unlocks when u get lv30 , but when ur acc has like 300 regular wins.

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