What the hell Riot?

So its been 4 days since the patch 6.23 and the Ultimate skin AKA Elementalist Lux is still not available for purchase. I assume the skin has already been uploaded to the client , since the splash art can be found in Luxes skin list but as with most skins it says unavailable when you try to buy it. I mean the splash art is even animated and everything. As a long time player of the game and an avid Lux main for half of that time, i have been waiting patiently for this skin for 3 months now,it has had very little coverage compared to SG Udyr and DJ sona, it was like only one teaser and the rest was gameplay. No trailer even , especially when all the other 4 Ultimate skins had trailers. They said they started working on it since February, thats about 10 months and they could have even done 1 form per month and they would still be done by now and even with all that time the skin still has a few flaws and didnt have enough press and advertisement for it ( Atleast compared to the other skins of the same tier). Some people can make a game in that time ( a beta stage to be real). Im going to buy the skin either way since its good parts outnumber the bad ones and again its my main and its an Ultimate skin... But i feel like im going to the stages of grief waiting for this skin.... 1. Denial Denial that the skin isnt out yet and checking every to hours to be sure its not out yet. 2. Anger I was so Angry that the skin wasnt out yet even, since i dont really buy skins but i got the RP for this skin 2 days before the patch and im just sitting here trying not to spend it on something else... 3. Bargaining Im making post like this trying to vent my crybabyness and to see if someone will respond with a release date or alteast a hint.Like please tell me its gonna be soon , please let it be soon like the next day. 4. Depression And after days of the skin not being released i fell into depression, im still checking the game everyday every few hours, but i cant play it. I lost the will to play the game because im waiting for this skin , i dont wanna mess anything up but also i really did lose the will to play this game after having so much hype for this skin... 5. Acceptance I accepted that the skin wont come out when i want it or even soon , i accepted that i wont play it this weekend or even week maybe. I gave up really and the hype has died... The dying of the light.... Sorry i had to do it, it was too good to pass up on. But really Riot , are you waiting for the hype for this skin to die? Dont make a Project deal out of this , even tho you did when you added the special border.... Ive seen and heard so many people say thet hype has gone down for them and that they are either not going to buy the skin or that they are just going to pass on this one and wait for the sexy Braum skin and the other winter skins and i know that none of this probably matters to you but still its kind of disappointing having to wait so long for the skin of the year. Could you atleast say when its going to be available, atleast for those of us still holding on to a glimmer of hope that we will see it out soon. In closing , PLEASE JUST RELEASE IT , i cant take it anymore....
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