How to write an "I quit LoL" thread:

**Step 1**: Title! You need something provocative that will attract the attenton that you seek. Name your thread something like **"DONE WITH THIS GAME", "BYE LOL" "I QUIT" "S6 is broken im done" "IM DONE BYE RIOT"**. Don't forget to write it in CAPS! You need to let the entire world know that you are quitting LoL! **Step 2**: Complaints: Complain why you are quitting. It's mandatory that you mention Dynamic queue and how you got stomped by a perfectly synchronized hive-mind premade as a solo player. Don't forget to complain about Zed and Ekko. Also, mention something about toxicity. No chat logs needed. **Step 3**: Account background. Don't forget to mention that you a veteran that has been playing since the dawn of time. And don't forget to mention how much money you've spent on the game. You need to give a full CV about your account. **Step 4**: Delete the desktop icon. **Step 5**: Start playing again after awhile because nobody who has written an "I quit LoL" thread has actually quit LoL forever. The fact that you posted a thread about quitting LoL on the LoL Boards means that obviously you want attention and replies from the LoL community. Which you wouldn't need if you truly want to quit LoL. _Almighty._
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