Can't I be given the option to turn off auto-fill? These are my stats, as you can see I'm primarily a JG player and I play it well because thats what I've learnt for this season. I queue secondary for mid and play Pantheon or Veigar depending on the match up and I play their well too but I'm being autofilled to top lane way too often, I have 6 losses alone from when I was filled to top with one victory. And I know how to play top lane it's just that I'm not most optimal there, I queue for where I believe I'm most optimal and then riot says "Yeah, who cares go top?" I understand it's there for the purpose of shortening queues but can't you give us the option to turn it off? I'm sure the majority likes autofill but it'd be nice for those who don't. Side note; Iceborn gauntlet Ornn vs Pantheon with youmuu's = pantheon's maxed Q does 120 damage out of 1.8k HP, isn't that a funlane?
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