Vel'ox, the Void Prophet (Champion Concept) (SUPPORT FROM THE VOID)

Hey guys, i made this champion concept now as well as some of my others if you have seen them. So this morning i got an idea, what about a support from the void. I feel like that is the thing that league really lacks. Full Void Team ftw! xD Btw, hope you enjoy this post and plz if you could take the time to leave a comment, plz do so! :p Vel'ox the Void Prophet Role: Support (Very Mobile) Pros: Mobile (duh) Good Roaming Can quickly get back to lane Good CC Buffs Gap Closers Cons: Squishy Worthless wihout ally nearby Easy to fight if you have long duration stuns or slows APPEARANCE: Vel'ox looks like a purple rugged ghost with a golden mask with spikes. He has a tentacle beard. He has a staff with energy on its top and three metal arcs floating around it. W APPEARANCE: Has a big eye in the middle and three little eyes floating around the big one. Has a worm like twisted body behind itself that creates dark particles when moving. ABLITIES: Passive (Spirit Offerings): At the start of the game, altars spawn in front of Dragon Pit, Baron Pit, the Blue and Red Buff pits closest to your base. Whenever Vel'ox gains an assist he gets a stack of "Void Spirits". Whenever he is nearby an altar and clicks on it while he has stacks of Void Spirits he gains 1% extra AP and 2% extra Movement Speed for each Void Spirit he had when he clicked. On Twisted Treeline the altars are in the middle of the map and over the wall closest to the edge of your base. Q (Void Arc): Vel'ox shoots an arc from his staff in a chosen direction that deals damage and slows enemies hit. At the end of the skillshot it does an AOE explosion that stuns all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. W (Spirit Transformation): Vel'ox transforms into a spirit that moves 10/12/13/15/17% faster. Vel'ox moves 20/24/26/30/32% faster when moving towards altars. While Vel'ox is in this form, he can click on a wall to move through that wall. After you move through a wall, the form ends and is put on cooldown. E (Shift Gravity): Vel'ox teleports forward dealing damage and slowing enemies around where Vel'ox lands. If Vel'ox hits more than 1 Champion with this ability it stuns for 1.70 seconds instead. R (Void Travel): Vel'ox tagets an ally and they both turn into spirits. While they are spirits, Vel'ox can make them both dash to a point and they deal damage in a radius depeding on how many Void Spirits Vel'ox has turned in.
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