Best Sacrifice you have ever done or witnessed

Wazzzzzup its Teemo again !!!{{champion:17}} In this post I want you guys to remember your most heroic moment in League .. Those who witnessed it are cowards (JK) When you sacrificed yourself for the team or just saved your ADC and they don't thank you and they think they're GODS ... _Here's my story_ I was playing Thresh Support (cuz Thresh adc is just .. Not cool) and we just lost a teamfight , we lost our midlaner so only 4 of us were alive and running away from the almost full health enemies .. Our toplaner was cc'ed and then demolished . JK . He survived by flashing and heal from my adc (IKR what kind of Thresh support was I .. I didnt throw the lantern) The enemies were closing in and we were all ready to die . But I decided to be the "guy who sacrificed himself for others" . I flashed back , ultied , flayed them backwards and hooked some random guy . I was tanky so I had a moment to 'ctrl+6' and laugh at 'em . And so at the end we won and I got honored x5 .. IKR the enemy was kind XDD Thats it :D {{champion:412}}

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