I dont want my summoner level and champion mastery to be displayed in the loading screen

This is such an unnecessary addition. I dont want every single player to tell me - rofl, lvl 220 ! or rofl- playing 600k mastery in a normal game. What was the point of this loading screen refresh? Its this plus hard to see summoners and keystones. Also it adds this dumb logic like if someone has a million points on a champ its an autowin, meanwhile a challenger smurf has 5k points on their champ. Its dumb for million reasons and i want an option to set it private. Also, didnt Riot remove individual ping meter and overall wins from your profile cause it was just there to cause toxic behaviour? What in the hell is the benefit of people seeing my lvl and mastery except calling me a nolife and a tryhard? How about you guys dont put persons level and mastery literally everywhere? IN LOADING SCREEN, IN GAME LOBBY, AND ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE PROFILE with loading screen being the worst. Its literally the two most boring stats too. Imagine enjoying world of warcraft and your new mount, and above your head you wear the - NOLIFER, PLAYED SO MUCH, WHO CARES sign
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