Im done with this game srsly

Hi ^^ i wanted to let all the rage and criticism on league out here cuz i cant take it anymore. I have played 8k games 95% ranked, to become professional at my mid lane wich i did after those games especially on kata, zed , yasuo my three mains (3k games on kata, 1k games on zed, 1k games on yasuo) so DONT COME AND SAY I SUCK AND I GOTTA IMPROVE. my skills are now WAY higher than gold level, i also was already platinum 3 90LP before last season ended. so Heres my rage, my teams CANT PLAY, TEH YCANT ITEMIZE, they cant control the MAP, they cant TEAMFIGHT. WHAT else can you SUCK at??? -.- MY ENEMY ALWAYS Sits mid cuz I HAVE THE BEST PERFORMANCE ON THE TEAM, perma sitback doesnt work wich i tryed. SO WHAT CAN I DO THAT THIS LOWBOBS stop comming as 4 in every second game -.-' ???
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