Let's be real here:

Game unbalanced: complaints from certain players. Game balanced: still complaints from certain players. Toxicity problems: complaints that certain toxic players are still not banned. Toxicity problems solved with a flawless science-fiction level system made by riot: still complaints but only this time claims that they got "unfairly" banned with no concrete evidence whatsoever. In other words: there will always be complaints from players here and there. The funny thing is, League does have certain problems in which players are complaining about (which is fine, and depends on what it is of course), but if all problems have been solved, and Riot managed to accomplish 100% balance and fairness, players will still complain only this time, it will be something like this: "League is too balanced! I don't want fairness in game! This game is dying!" though probably will mostly be said by low elo players (which is the majority of the game) but you get the idea. Now is this ranting post me complaining? Maybe...i'll let you be the judge. I'm just sharing my thought. Anyway, what's your opinion about this? I mean, doesn't it blow your mind that even if Riot managed to get League of Legends at a perfect 100%, Draven-level perfection of balance and fairness, players would still complain?!? No way i'm the only one who has this thought...{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} For a game that's supposed to be fun and to waste your time, i think this is going too far.
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