When it's your turn to ban, why doesn't the League of Legends client pop up.

I just lost my diamond promos cause i didn't ban a champion. I had 2 wins and 2 losses so this is obviously a very sad way to end your diamond promos. But what i don't understand is if Riot is handing out punishments like a promo loss PLUS 30 minute waiting ( i dodged a game earlier cause of a trollpick) then they should definetly fix this pop up problem. I understand that it's my own fault for not paying attention but i'm not gonna sit there and watch my champion select for 3 minutes till it's my turn to ban. With this thread i'm not trying to get my loss undone or anything like that, just trying to find out what other peoples opinions are on this matter. Sincerely yours, A salty plat scrub
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