Thank you, papa Riot.

i frequently browse the forum boards to try and help people in need as much as i can, i may not always give the correct information but i always try my best and if i know i can't give proper help, i send them to riots support page. been browsing these boards for a few months now and i've seen way too many posts screaming and hating at riot. fortunately, these posts always get tons of downvotes. "f you riot for letting this champ be op" "riot sucks because i don't agree with them" "everything is riots fault" the sad thing is that these posts aren't sarcastic either. i'd like to make this post to thank papa riot for everything. from little to big things, riot games have always been, in my eyes, the most ambitious game company. things like this[/img] or this[/img] i appreciate and respect the amount of time riot puts into the game and its community, lots of people may say papa riot doesn't listen to the community but they do. just because you hate a certain feature or champion doesn't mean they have to change it. i've seen too many posts saying something similar to "riven is too op and should be nerfed, but riot never listen", when in reality that riven was just incredibly fed, or believe it or not, actually had mechanical skill. i respect and love the amount of time riot takes in their cinematics and music videos. i love to hate the choices they make concerning certain champs, like buffing vlads E from 70% ap scaling to 100% ap scaling. i hate that the majority of the community can't look past these minor flaws and be more open minded about the game and riot. i love their [art-for-RP]( charity or whatever you should call it. _oh what's that? you're a few RP short of a skin and now have to buy more rp than you really need?_ nah man just draw a stupid picture of something and we'll give you the small amount of RP you need. > "riot never stand up for the community" i'm actually quite nervous of making this post because i know there will be someone to hate at it and throw in these anti-riot facts about how they actually DONT listen to the community or how i'm actually wrong on everything. or something i've heard way too often, "you started playing at the end of season 5 so you don't know what you're talking about" these are my opinions, and i'd just like to share them. i've looked up what riot was like back then, and my opinion does not change. the nunu bot skin teaser, phreaks worthless puns and jokes in spotlights, the lore and background of each champion and how they all connect. these are just a few examples of why i love riot. so thank you. i don't care if anyone from riot reads this, that's not my goal. my goal with this post is simply to lessen the negative thoughts towards riot. and sorry to the people i trigger with this, i know a lot of you disagree with me. also, im bad with words, sorry for my english. riot isn't perfect, no company is. thanks for taking your time reading this. feel free to ask me whatever you want.
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