(MMR) Need Advice. Make a New Account or Not?

Right so basically I started playing last August. Grinded from Iron 4 to Silver 3 this year. (Dropped to Silver 4 again 2 weeks ago) As a Result from coming from Iron my W/L Ratio is just garbage. Like 70/30 in favour of losses. I've put a lot of time into researching game plays, mechanics, wave management, jungle clears etc. etc. (Pretty much listened to 4-8 hours worth of videos in my headphones at work for the past 6 months) I'd say I have a pretty good understanding at this point. I ping the right moves at the right times, though I may get toxic remarks (I mute them after) What's getting me is I'm not sure if at this point my Loss rates are easily now at a flat 75% No matter if I carry or not. I've spent a lot of money this year and I'd be sad to leave my account but my enjoyment for the game isn't high due to my matchmaking being in such a sad state of affairs. I'm not gonna say my team Int cos they just have lesser game knowledge. What can be done? Do I just deal with it and make a new account at this point? Can it ever be salvaged?
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