Three things that stress me the most in this game.

1, **Provisional games** (gosh i hate these games they are so stressful and all i wanna do is just get through them) 2. **Pre-season** (the pressure of the new season is honestly building up at this point, waiting for more than a month just so you could be able to start Ranked is a lot in my opinion, games are boring and everything just seems to be on a stand - by mode which irritates me quite a lot) 3. **Days before the season reaches its end** (not the most stressful out of these three, but i gotta give it to that. It's just stressful, you know. You know you will get what you fought for and most of the time you won't be satisfied at all. Also, especially if you are stuck in the first tier or something, it's irritating to be playing all day non - stop just so you could get to that next division!) {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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