Reasons why being silver V/IV is most cool thing ever

As i read many sites and from what i experienced while playing i can say that being Silver V/IV is cool and here is why: 1.You're not more bronzer and people in normal games don't say bad things like "why i am speaking with you you're b4 noob". 2.When you have bad game when playing champ you're not good at like i am not good with {{champion:76}} and she is hard to learn, peole won't say "boosted idiot" unike what they'll say for gold 3 player who wanna learn new champion. 3.Queue timers are fastest in this elo unike what i heard that higher elo players have to wait 30 min to get into champ select. 4.In this elo you'll meet people who like to play off-meta botlane to make you rage if you're support or adc main. 5.You don't lose nerves for losing promo like you were too stressed when you was in promo from b3 to b2.
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