The " Perfect " world of RIOT..

...RIOT you act like you're the police of moral.. You act like you're The police of good and bad intention !!! I still sure and believe that I didn't deserve a suspension... I didn't insult any players I wasn't racist with any players I didn't talk in the chat about anything out of the game!!! You bann me for being "negative" cuz I said to a player that he's bad and impo to win with him.. You think really i'll accept such a naif reason like this one?? You can say sth like this to a kid or a boy who's still teenager, he'll say " ohhh riot wanna make me a better person with this ban " since your game is full of kids.. But I have 25 yo and I know how this world is working.. RIOT we're not in a perfect world or in Heaven.. Nor your game too!! So you tell me that irl you act like this hein?? You never say " bad " about anything you never get angry about ur son u never said shitty things about the company you work for, you never say your opinion about your mate in work and you act and treat everyone good and you represent the ANGEL here hein?!! In my country the Constitution gives me the right to say my opinion about anything so WHO ARE YOU to ban me and take from me this right hein!! I didn't insult I wasn't toxic I didn't rage I didn't troll I encourage my team to stop flame so you don't have the right to bann me!! And to finish, your whole System is Wrong Riot, you want or you defend a perfect virtual world inside ur game that it's not exist!!! And to prove that our world is not perfect, when u read my msg you'll say nothing to your boss you'll say nothing about your own opinion cuz you'll be afraid about loosing ur job you'll be afraid about paying ur bills...!! you're like a machine they took from you your thoughts and your feelings and you act with players like they're just robots for your company not humains !! The Constitution of the world gives me the right of TALKING AND SAY MY OPINION IN ANYTHING since I don't insult and I don't disrespect, and you bann me for this right RIOT!!! But claps.. Really claps for living in your parralel PERFECT world and for not being able to do anything cuz you're the only who have THE POWER OF ACTING !! When I see somethings like that I hate your company more and more and I hate the way the world is working.. Everyone are living in a lie and you with your company want that everyone believe this lie.
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