Type of league players you like/dislike.

Hey guys. Just was wondering which players do you like and which ones do you hate? Don't mention feeders/trolls/instalockers, nobody likes them. For me personally, I hate the players that: * say "And?" to everything. EG: 'Cait, you got AP runes lol' 'And?' 'You needed AD runes bro' 'And?' 'bruh you're ADC' 'And?' * get 3 kills on the midlaner/botlaner with the jungler's help, suddenly they think they can solo him just to die and start whining 'who tf fed -------?'. EG: I had the same player a while ago he had most deaths in team and kept saying 'Who fed Talon fking noobs' just to go 1v5 and suicide and say 'u can thank me later because of me they didnt end' after I replied 'you almost ended the game' he said 'hahahahahahaha fuckk u' 'kill urself' I like people that don't talk a lot but use pings frequently, and I like players that don't flame no matter what you did.
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