How do you feel about the current State of Community Culture

Hello Saltees and Salters :D Bad jokes aside. Greetings fellow players! Here I stand where I stood exactly around 5 years ago when I started playing this game. I don't know what exactly kept me playing this game, but my best guess would be that the game was evolving in the right direction (while the community was more or less de-evolving). Riot apparently knew how to keep players and made quitters come back to playing LoL, it was either new champions, new game modes etc. It is more or less why I am still playing it. Yes I try lots of other games as well, but I always had a "click" like "I have to play a game of LoL", and so I actually never quit the game. Now my core question is literally just the title of this post. How do you feel the community has evolved here? **Keep in mind** I don't mean the civil spectators who played the games for a year or two and watched Faker's stream for 10 mins and than think they are made for challenger. Its more a question to the salty veterans of this game who have seen it all. **How do you feel is the community as a whole at the moment? Do you play because of the community or because you just like the game? (Do you play with someone or alone) If you quitted the game, what made you come back?** Well, my answer would be that the community is very prone to change. Years ago when Riot was releasing champions every 2 weeks, the community was was complaining that the champions went out too I feel the complete reverse. Also when LoL was becoming more and more world wide popular and competitive, the game went through massive rebalancing which most of the community didn't take well at that time. Kind regards! Your turn!
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