is it worth it to keep playing league?

as u can understand from the title is it worth it?because when u get flamed or someone feed your team and u just handle it for 9/10 games everyday in league and u get someone who feed and flame and troll and whatever u can imagine to make u lose in ranked and u handle it and u get a broken heart from handling those bad players and they don't get banned so u keep playing and just see worse things every game like premade flame or someone feed or do some thing wrong and when u tell him an advice he say f*** u this elo won't make u able to play league just because of how much bad things u see and u r the one who get banned for feeding for one game or 2 and none helped u while u r camped or something u just get flamed while i don't when others lose it's the opposite i tell the jungler i am ok in lane please help him but still we lose the game so i want someone to tell me is is worth handling more or should i just delete league and forget about it and i highly prefer if a wrench man can talk to me or someone who works with riot because i am finished i can't play league any more in this elo........

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