Can't play a single game without getting tilted irl

Maybe it has to do with my personality. I don't know. Every day I play League. And every day I don't play more than 2 games because someone will either: -feed (I don't mind it as long as it is not intentional) -flame me -wintrade -be negative as frick (Christian server here) Yesterday I played a ranked game and our top laner ran it down mid because he died 2 times. He ran it down mid. That is intentional feeding. And today I check his match history and he's still playing games freely. That tilted me very very very hard. today I get into a game, as Teemo in the jungle. Everything is going awesome. I am feeling very good and actually happy. And right as I'm about to be happy as hell my team surrenders? They died to a 4v5 and decided to end the game because of that? It was only 22 minutes into the game. Sorry for the rant I wanted to get it off my chest
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