Good monday morning.

Good monday morning everyone! \*takes a smoke from pipe\* \*start coughing\* I guess noone can truely say they like Monday a lot, only maybe if they got different shifts and don't have to work today they do. Adding to that, School starts again, or already has started in some countries, where I live it will next week. So good luck with that you pupils. ;) And even those who don't have to go to work or school (and most likely will still be asleep for quite some time from now on) will also have struggles in the infamous YoloQ. So whenever any of you feels stressed out, why not take a little break here? We got tea and hot chocolate, cake and some Cookies! And hopefully nice people to talk and chat to. Lets make a cozy monday together, for as being together often is better then being alone! (almost always actually) And if you don't like this idea, can't force you to join, but I'll find and hug you. ._. And good luck to everyone, whatever may be their days plans!
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