How common are the Gemstones?!

Since the Hextech Annie announcement I have kept count of my boxes. I have today just opened my 104th (yes I have purchased some of them) and still no luck with the Gemstones. Not since the first 2 Gemstones I received from the first ~10-20 boxes I opened. I see videos of people online getting the rare Mythical Hextech Annie or Soul Stealer Vayne from re-rolls too, so they don't have to go through the Gemstone process - which I really really really envy them. At the moment I feel like there is a actually a greater chance of me getting the skin from a re-roll than collecting the last 8 Gemstones needed... How are you guys faring with the 2 Mythical skins?? Do you experience the same torment or are you one of the few?
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