ranked system lost its meaning and importance to me

am platinum 5 support main i have been playing since the start of season 5 , i reached plat solo with 109 wins and i was very proud of my self i lost any sense of achievement and proudness when i saw bronze players who i know climbing to plat/gold either by getting boosted , playing too much ranked games (over 1k ranked games) or simply playing placements at the end of the season , i dont mean by bronze players as insult but they are actually were in bronze last season and i know them personally and know how they play and think since i watched them and played with them sometimes , those ppl am mentioning started playing league either since this season or season 6 ..isnt the ranked system supposed to be as measure of player's skill and experience ? how can someone playing his first season reach plat/gold by simply playing tons & tons of ranked games or playing playing his placements and the very end of the season ?
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