Nazi moderation?

Long story short, in a debate about the client and game taking up increased amounts of resources making it both increasingly slow and laggy with a game that more often than not is reduced to a crash site when any kind of event is opened. Joe Random replies to the OP in a manor that clearly shows he either didn't have the comprehention level to understand 3 lines of plain English, or thought he was so insightful that he just typed in the first thing in his mind making him look like a clown! To this in my second reply I stated the following: _It changes nothing about your comment, the fact that you defend it based on the game just enforces the picture you paint of yourself._ The above reply cost me posting right (albeit only for 5min), but it smells to much of nazi-moderation or a severely immature moderator who's now taking time out of their otherwise meaningless life to moderate me specifically. Where is the line between just throwing anything up on threads regardless if it is so utterly incompetent that is has no relevance to the post / thread in question, to speaking plainly while pointing out a mere fact of life? Despite not knowing (and not caring tbh), I bet it's against some rule to talk about moderation of threads or a specfic moderator (Doing neither here, I am generalizing so technically not breaking that rule if it exist). If the future moderation will drop down to toddler level (leaving ignorant zero relevance comments while removing posts pointing it out), then there really is no point in using these boards since it just becomes another breeding ground to enforce idiocy, much like the game.
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