Pretending to be female online; what are your thoughts?

The true story of Ann Pragg, the esports writer who never existed
Ann Pragg was on the cusp of becoming something of a League of Legends celebrity when she abruptly quit her esports career. Known for acerbic tweets that were often promptly retweeted by the game's luminaries, she was rubbing shoulders with some of the leading players, reporters, and pundits in the largest esport in the world.
Hello everyone, A few stories have popped up recently about men portraying themselves as women within the league community and I wanted to know people's general opinion of it. Do you care if someone says they are female when they are not? Do you think it's fair for people to portray themselves as something they are not online for money or fame? Do you have a personal story yourself where you have experienced a male pretending to be female? I am writing up an article at the moment so it would be appreciated for the communities opinions on this subject. Update -2-7-2015 - Thank for for all the responses! I have one more thing to ask. Do you think Males should be punished if they are caught pretending to be male and have gained money or gifts? For example recently a guy was found to be faking a disability and was banned from streaming. Do you think the same thing should happen? Kind Regards, Padami.
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