Riot are you still motoring the GBP vs USD & what does it mean for future RP prices? Brexit?

2 years ago this post was made and seen by many as a unreasonable change and without a doubt has impacted peoples purchasing habits. **Whats changed since?** well the GBP has some what stabilised at around 1 gbp - 1.30 usd and has even at times almost fully recovered at peaks, are the prices still justified ? even more so since the increase of more rare and epic skins and the massive lack of 975 skins, having to spend £10 per skin is pretty stupid even more so when its a 975. i think its time to revise the prices again. **What happens if the GBP significantly increases in price? ** lets just say we get a good brexit and for some reason the GBP vs USD shoots though the roof, are you at riot willing to stick to your words previously stated in that post and revise and revert the changes ? and if you arnt how are you going to address the player base of the uk. are you gonna risk it and think "nah they have got used to the prices and have likely forgot our 50% hike on skins" **what happens if the GBP significantly decreases ** lets say we get a hard brexit or no deal and the value of the GBP drops to something like £1 - $1 or even worse are you going to revise the costs again and make it even more expensive ? while not taking into account the economy in Great Britain, lets say it drops to something stupid like 70 pence to 1 usd. will the prices remain the same to the point were we have to work almost 9 hours to afford a simple skin. **Whats the point of this post?** to inform myself and other uk players that this is still very much a thing and brexit can truly effect how we spend rp and that riot did say > [{quoted}](name=GeneralCoxy,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=4ofsXeTV,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-07-04T19:46:57.636+0000) > > Yes we are very sorry for the increases but we will always monitor and roll back in the future if we see swings the other way. because those changes 2 years ago effected my buying habits a lot and in 2-3 months when brexit does happen it will likely effect it even more depending on the stance riot want to take, %%%% us over even more ? or be %%%%. this all comes in the wake of the Crazy over the top price of IG skins costing almost £100 for the entire bundle, lets put this in to perspective the bundles used to cost 3-4k RP for 5 skins, now it costs 13k RP?
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