Didn't make it

I'm just writing because I'm sad af. I have been trying to get to gold for a while because I have never done it by myself. I tried so hard and got so close but in the end I didn't make it. Was in Gold V promo two times and every promo everyone played bad and I had two trolls also. Been playing all day and even skipped eating and now I feel so empty that I didn't make it. I main support but you literally can't climb with that in Silver so had to play mid/jgl. It went well in the beginning but at the end it was to hard bc the others were better than me. So had to switch back to support and even if i played well I lost like 5 games in a row and there the dream ended. Its just a game I know, but I put my heart in to it {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Please keep the hate away from here I'm already crying. Had no one to talk about it with so I wrote here
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