Eduard Santangelo's ransom must get paid Asap!

Eduard Santangelo's Vastaya Field Journal - Universe of League of Legends
Chimeras with human blood? Spiritual magic from an ancient race? In my humble inquiries I have stumbled upon far greater questions...this shall make for quite the chronicle. A best-seller, in fact."Eduard Santangelo, gentleman of Piltover, explorer of Ionia, who discovered the wondrous vastaya in the wilds of Ionia."
Seriously tho , I found it quite quite funny. The first of the recent lore releases that I find quite interesting. We got many things from it - the new species , the new locations , finally some acknowledgment of the Darkins existence , some funny jokes related to a foxlike lady such as “Oh, My Love, My Dream, My Prospective Bedfellow”. I would love to be able to read a "Part 2" or even a 3 and 4! Also on the side note - I cant help but think they kinda made a setup for a future champion which would be a Vastaya with shape-shifting abilities.
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