Riot, are you there?

Does Riot ever answer the questions we make in the forums? I've been reading the forums much more now than I did before and (at least recently) I haven't seen any responses from Riot. Take Fortnite for example, I don't know if the have a forum like us but, what I know is that when a question/idea for the game is given to the developers of the game, they usually answer pretty fast and act almost inmediatly. Togheter with that, I believe that a lot of the features that are currently in Fortnite exist because the fanbase asked for them. I think that if Riot listened to us more than they do now, we could make, toghether, LoL a better game for everyone. (With this i dont mean that you must ask Riot to nerf/eliminate a champion just because you don't like it, I'm talking about gamemodes, skins, events... For example, I'm enjoying Aram-Arama a lot, nice job Riot) Well, that's it, eehhh, i hope i get an answer from Riot as I would like to ask them some things. I would love to see what the rest of the community thinks about this {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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