Change is good!

Hey everyone! I have been enjoying this game since season 2. The passed years Riot has taught me that change is good, and i agree! There are so many things i can do right now. I have plenty of options I can follow the meta, or i can do whatever I want. At this moment I feel I can pick whatever i want and educate myself within my new way of life. For starters: Things i wanna do. 1. Live life 2. Be healthy 3. Workout 4. Socialize 5. Take more risks 6. Surprise myself 7. Travel 8. Stop looking back 9. Realising what i am gaining 10. Love others The truth is I am quitting Ranked play, and probably League in general. I don't know if it will be forever, or just temporary. It will be a "game changer" for my reality. and I would rather achieve something in life than continue being a no name in LoL. My drive for League has allways been to become a better player. I wanted to be up there, so I could be looking down on the rest. (sounds cocky right). I truly thought I had what it took. but I now know for sure that i wont reach anything above Dia 3. (which is the turning point where you seperate yourself from the rest). Matter a fact i never got closer than 80+ LP Plat 2. It's a bit sad. I thought i could change the game, but i realised that I am just a no name. Best of luck too you all <3 {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
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