Keep topics together

Hey all of you :) It's good to see you're using the boards. I see a lot of different topics about 1 issue/problem. Wouldn't it be better to keep them together. instead of just making a new topic, look on the boards first if there is already a topic about it. That way it is a lot easier to figure out whether the problem is on riots side or not, because we can share our info with each other. Also 1 big thread will draw the attention of a riot employee or volunteer a lot quicker than 50 small ones. I'm willing to help, but now i have to search the boards for all topics on the same issue/problem. I can imagine this costs a lot of time for rioters and that they won't read all topics. So people are going to be disappointed because they won't get an answer on there topic, while the answer has already been given on a different topic. These are just my thoughts on how we as a community can help riot making the game as optimized as possible :) And keep it up using the boards, lets work together and make this a fun game for everyone :D
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