Gaming laptop for LoL (and some other games too)

Hi guys, I am just wondering if there is somebody who can help me with a new laptop. I decided to buy a new one because on the current one it is quite annoying to play LoL on the lowest details and still got lags, fps drops, etc. You, guys, can consider me as newbie in this "IT" theme. There is ofcourse something I know about PCs, but it is not enough to choose wisely which laptop has the best price/performance ratio. Actually, I found some laptops but I am not sure if they won't disappoint me. But if you know about better laptops I'll be really glad if you'll share them with me. The main reason for a new laptop is - as I told - to play LoL on the high(est) performance, but I'd like to play any other games too (especially some more demanding games). Price: cca. 1000€ (+-) Requirements: NVidia GTX 1060 (I think it is optimal for me) Intel Core i5/i7 SSD (because I read it is faster than HDD) good cooling system (for example I found out Acer Nitro has not that good cooling system = higher temperatures of GPU and CPU) My laptops in consideration: or I want just as best laptop as possible for my budget. Thank you guys so much for your response. I really appreciate it.
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