Problem in this game(Ranked)

So I quit League a while back,like 8 months ago and I decided to pick it up again,back on my main account my highest reached elo was Diamond 3,ofc since I didnt play for so long I didnt wanna jump into ranked there right away,so I took my smurf and played a bit on,to make it short I had easier time getting into Diamond 3 than I am leaving Silver 1(I know my skill isnt on the same level,but it sure as heck aint that bad),no matter how fed I get,no matter how many objectives I get,no matter If I leave my team to fight 4 vs 2,they will somehow manage to lose,every game is a gamble on what kind of team mates will you get,and their mentality in a nutshell is "If Im not the one winning this game,this game isnt worth winning." Like guys what is your problem? In high elo you see someone doing well,you just follow that dude,and help him out,here you would all rather lose than get carried by someone else? Also people think if I can 1 vs 3 when Im 8/0 that they can do the same,no you cant,you arent fed,I am.Everyone of you suffers from faker syndrome.Also all supports rush sightstone and then they never use it.Why do you rush an item if you will never use it,buy something else! Also I see a lot of times supports running off to chase kills like they are the carries,and then adc gets destroyed.Nobody in low elo does their job or role,they all want to do all of the roles at the time.None of this would be the problem if it werent for those stupid changes to lessen snowballing.You cant just carry 1 vs 5 anymore since your team actually has to do something and they dont.Good thing is that the enemy team usually isnt any better so it all comes down to luck.Whoever does something stupid 1st and lose the game.And there is nothing you can do.And I swear to god I have never been this toxic in my life.I wish I had the power to force punch people trough internet,I swear I will get a stroke one of these days from the frustration of seeing a won game lost,just cuz someone decided to do something "smart" like try to 1 vs 5.Or dude is backing and he leaves the wave slowpushing towards the enemy and I clean it for him so the enemy loses xp and gold to the tower and dude literally says : "You took my farm I go afk" and he goes afk,over 4 minions that he would never get since he was in base,what more Im helping him win his lane by creating an xp and gold advantage for him. Just *facepalm* . Well this is enough of ranting I feel better now.
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