Ideas to make autofilling feel rewarding?

(Its just a discussion to throw ideas around, try not to spread hate people). Right now your reward for autofilling is that you dont have to autofill (its like working overtime just to work extra for free), if they would add some kind of better reward for autofilling (and filling), people would be more willing to fill (it would make the champ select much more healthy). A few ideas: -Free win for your next promo (wouldn't stack since you know, that would make climbing too easy) -A 1 loose shield when you are at 0lp (since you're playing a role (support) that has much less impact on the game, it wouldn't be that punishing for that player) you would get a loose shield and the others could play the roles they want, its a win-win -Roll the wheel for a free key shard (right now I have 19 chests, I am willing to do anything to get more shards) Again, this is just a discussion to throw ideas around, dont spread hate if you dont agree :)
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