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**WARNING : LOTS OF TEXT** This is what Lyte posted about this new ranked queue : > > We knew that Dynamic Ranked would be a highly controversial topic, and it even was widely debated internally. It came down to a few key points: > > 1) The vast majority of players preferred to play League with friends, but there was currently no end-game progression in League other than Ranked (we're not going to count Ranked Teams because we agree there are many issues such as a high barrier of entry). Most players do want to try Ranked, so players were forced to enter a queue that artificially capped your party at 1 or 2 and made the game less social. This was bad. > > 2) We added a few matchmaking features to bias the system so that it would pair similar group combinations against each other. So, premade 5s would most likely play other premade 5s, and so on and so forth. In our testing, and when we modeled data from Normal Draft Queue to emulate what it would be like if we did Dynamic Ranked, over 95% of the time groups were paired with similar size groups. We'll have to monitor the behavior of Dynamic Ranked to see if the pattern is the same, but we're hopeful. > > 3) There's actually a pretty big perception issue with premades in League. When I talk to players, they always remember the premade that bullied them or made the game more toxic; however, when I point out behind the scenes and show them the data that almost every single Ranked game has a Duo Queue in it... they are shocked. The perception problem is that you only remember the games where a premade did have an issue, but you never remember the games where they were quiet and just didn't give away they were a premade. We've been measuring toxicity in premade combinations for awhile now and believe that most most combinations of premade 2s and 3s are fine, and premade 4s have a little bit more toxicity than we'd like. Premade 5s are obviously awesome experiences. So what are we doing about premade 4s? > > 4) As you may have noticed, we've beefed up the Report System, and added new features to the Instant Feedback System. More than ever before, Premade 4s won't be able to "affect" your account if they simply gang up and try to bully you with reports. In fact, if they do this often and they file false reports, they can be banned for this behavior. Secondly, in a Premade 4 situation, your reports are just as powerful as the group, so if they are showing toxic behaviors at all, your single report can have a meaningful impact and trigger a punishment. We believe measures like this will help balance out this specific scenario to be less negative. > > 5) With the new Champ Select experience, we're giving players more benefits than ever before to play with friends because we believe playing with friends is the right way to enjoy League--we don't want the game to become an anti-social experience. For example, there will be a promo bonus for playing in parties during the launch of the Ranked 2016 Season, and playing in parties is the best way to guarantee exactly what positions you want to play in the new Dynamic Ranked Queue. We understand that we're going to frustrate the purists that enjoy playing solo and seeing what they can do alone among a group of 4 strangers but, we want you to give this a try before slamming it. More players playing Ranked means more competition for you, and it means quicker queue times at low and high MMRs. We also have ideas to expand the Ranked system even more in the future to give multiple ways for you to challenge yourself and your friends. > > 6) Like any big change, we're going to have to monitor this one carefully. We ask you guys to be patient and give it a chance. We'll ultimately make the right decision, but a LOT of players have voiced their opinions that they do want a more social Ranked experience and want to play in a Dynamic Ranked queue. Give it a chance, and we're listening if it doesn't work. And this is an answer I find interesting and fits partly/mostly what I think about it : > > Lyte, > > I sincerely hope you reconsider this change and do not force this on to this game. There comes a point with changes to games where companies get so ambitious they start to tell the players that this IS what they want. When really, it is not what they want. You can look at countless games to see this, in specific the Star Wars Galaxies Combat Upgrade and then the NGE "New Game Experience" come to mind if you know what those are. > > This idea, while sounding cool, has inherent flaws in it. You are simply taking away the type of game mode that EVERYONE has enjoyed, the thing that made this game so extremely popular and fun, and you are giving no option to recover it. If this new game mode was separate from solo/duoQ a lot less people would be opposed to it. There could simply be a new "dynamic ranked que" that had a different ladder with different rankings etc, and keep soloQ. And you can't say oh well then que times would be too long, because according to your findings there would be a ton of people that would want to do the dynamic ranked que. And you certainly can't say there wouldn't be a ton of people doing soloQ/duoQ because that is what MAKES this game. > > Regardless of this perception issue you claim, this new game mode will now FORCE negative experiences on you. You have no option to avoid having large premades whether they be on your team, the other team, or both. This is EXACTLY why I play solo/duoQ. To avoid premades. If it is 2 people, then it is manageable and doesn't have such a huge impact on the game. Being forced to play with 3 or 4 other people that are premades on your team is just awful and you can tell so from playing normal games. This idea sounds cool for those interested, but there has to be an OPTION to not be forced to do this. You can't just remove solo/duoQ, it is literally the lifeblood of this game. > > One of the worst things I have seen happen to online video games throughout my gaming career is exactly what I see happening with this change. Forcing your playerbase to deal with something that the company thinks is a good idea, or even if SOME of the player base thinks it's a good idea, that is not a vast majority. It's simply not. Everyone I know that plays this game agrees this change sounds absolutely awful. Simply make this new que mode a SEPARATE que than soloQ/duoQ. You will drive away customers and negatively impact this game if you do not give your players an option to play how they enjoy playing.
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