Meaning behind the word "Noob"

The word "Noob" and "Newbie" are different from eachother. Newb/Newbie is someone who is new to a task at a beginner level, possibly even overconfident about it, but are willing to learn from their mistakes. Noob however, is someone who is also a beginner with little knowledge, but is unwilling to learn from mistakes and expect others to do their work for them and be praised about it. (Thankyou to the summoner below) Know the difference, same goes for me. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me. I want people to know what it really means to be "Noob" instead of just randomly stereotyping a group. I wasng able to figure out what I actually wanted to say, but I believe it is that I hate seeing a group get stereotyped as something its not. Awhile ago, I saw a post about "what is a noob" or something like that. However, I cant say that I didnt get a little triggered by this post and I hope this was a useful post to help people understand the meaning behind the word "Noob" I really do hope this information can be spread through the league community.
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