star guardian event

guys a new event!!!!! i need help to do mission is too hard for me, that's why they created missions, because we have to play toghether and show our skill ok! who is ready for that?! i'm so hyped dude guys, it is star guardian event, i waited that for 1 year after the crazy game mode!! let's check the skins...Waoh i like them!!!! yeah...still not star guardian urgot, but's fine...i'm hyped and i wanna play league to complete missions!! map problem!! let's read mission guys, ok 1) des...destr.....destroy.....10.....turr....turrets???!!!!!!!!???!=?!?!?!?!?! {{champion:32}} o..ok...sorry guys...i think i gonna pass this event.....see u next time for our tryhard time :c
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