Can someone explain to me why I do this please? (Psychology question I guess)

So this is probably going to sound really weird but.. Basically I feel like sometimes my mind will try and count stuff that I see in front of me. (not all the time) It's like it tends to be active and count things. Is it like some OCD related stuff? - For example, if I look at my wall and at the shadows that the light casts on it, I will start counting every single part of it that has a shadow. - I could start counting how many different squares/rectangles there are on this webpage while writing this. So like the box with the boards list, then below - the box with 'guidelines', then there's the "box" where I'm writing this, then the box where I put in the 'Title', etc etc. I didn't do it now but I mean, it's something I would probably do lol. Why does this happen?! - I could be smoking a cigarette outside and for some reason I could look at the cars near me and count how many windows I can see. - Sometimes when I stare at my bookcase I'll count how many shelves it has. - Even like counting how many vertical bands-thingys the radiator has. - Also someone's features, or even just counting different parts of someone's face. And alot of the times I'd be looking for an even number. - Etc. And even if I've already done this on the same object/thing in the past, I'll do it again eventually. **Basically, I tend to look at an object and count how many surfaces of that object I can see from my position or situation (like shadows cast on it, angles, if there's like protective bars thingys on a window I'll count in between the bars, etc, etc).** Now.. I can stop, it's not like compulsive that I don't even realise I'm doing it or something that extreme, but like.. why do I even have my mind do this from time to time? I don't understand. Stuff like counting shelves that I already know the answer too because.. it's in my room, and I've probably counted them before. I don't really know why I do it haha. **It's not like I do it all the time, or even very often. I don't know to be honest. But sometimes I realise it, and I'm like 'why da hell am I counting lmao'? ** I might not do it often but it's obviously a recurring thing since I've noticed it and started thinking about it. Does anyone have any idea what causes me to be like this? It doesn't feel like a big deal to be honest, so I just thought I'd ask on here if anyone has any ideas/input. I tried googling it and just found some stuff about OCD and anxiety. Relevant? Thanks.
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