Am losing hope at this game. ( Support player who prefer top)

First of all sorry of i have bad English didnt practice alot since finished college 6 years ago. i dont encourage go afk in game this game i went super mad and closed the game. (if i get banned it my fault ) You know you do not feel rewarding when you play support. first of all i was gold 1 player now am suffering form titling between silver 3 to silver 2 never moved form it from the last month i play game alot (since i have alot free time ). This game exactly make me question my ability to continue try climbing. list of player and summery about match problem: - Hecrim ( he had good start but lack focusing on objective made us lose the game cause he care more about kills then get the objective and dive on enemy tanks in team fights. as nami support i pinged alot of it good time to get the drake objectives since we forced volibear to recall) i tired talk to him to be more aware for objective but no use. - Lucain he was 1/0/6 and keep blaming me in mid game for ks him first of all i didnt mean too ks i used thunderlord on nami with few autos i killed people on thunderlord proc. i told him all you care about is ks and told him wt happen but kept yelling at me. - Olaf was very good but when i bubble vayne he goes to volibear i dont know why - Xearth have hard time vs Syndra and Volibear but hes tried hes best. - Me as Nami support my only issue was i was care about objective more often these days i end up killing myself warding drake. and after mid game 3 of my teammates start flaming me. i end up losing my cool and went afk. ( try my best not listen to flames but sometimes am just losing it ) All these calls and pings i tired my best make my team care about objective and lucain afk farming and bad focus on team fights ( focus tanks and not the adc ) i dont wanna blame but this is what happen. Summery about the match(image):
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