[Question] Will You Pay Good Money? For A Separate Moba Server With Strict Server Rules?

How many of you guys Will pay Good money/ Subscription for a separate Moba Game Server with STRICT behavior and attitudes rules and guidelines? Where Punishments more often than not Results promptly in Account Bans? -Targets (Mature Sportsman's like players, Like Game Professionals.) This Might not be a Popular thought, However I would up to pay 10 Sterling pounds per month. Many thanks Edit;1 This thought can easily relate to Netfix/ Spotify companys, If those companies can actively combat Piracy, by providing it's users with a much more friendlier experience and ease of access, Why Can't We Combat player behavior's in such a similar way? Let there be Free servers because They have to exist, Have exclusive servers where players are WILLING to pay for a better player experience, where players voluntary signs up, and agree to stricter rules, for a better player behavior environment and experience? Edit;2 **Disclaimer**, I am by NO means Criticizing Riot's Capability of Punishment. The Game League of Legend belongs to Riot Games, What they Do/ How they Run Their Game Is of None of my business. What I am hereby purposing is a Concept, I am by no means have ANY official Attachments to Riot Games Management. Thanks again.

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