My behavioral experiment

Hello forum readers, I made a little behavioral experiment. I created a smurf account. I acted extremely positive and newbie-ish. I was that kind of guy who is positive in every situation motivating the whole team to perform better. I met a toxic guy in my team, who flamed me and the rest of our team. I didn't flame him back, but instead, I was being positive at him. I kept telling him that he made me sad and that we should not give up yet. And even though he kept flaming me, he made me happy in the end. Because ... we won that game and in the post-game lobby the toxic guy told me how wonderful person I was and that there should be more people like me and to keep that attitude. It warmed my heart. So, I tried this behavior on my main account where I should not be recognized as a newbie in any way. But it turned out to be a mistake. People were calling me cringe, toxic, etc. for actually acting nicely. It is so weird. Even my mates who I sometimes play with refuse to play with me if I behave like that. Even though I believe it helps the team's performance (we managed to turn way more games when I was writing this "shit" even when I honestly believed the game was already lost). As far as I know, this behavior on my main account has brought me some reports for being cringe. So, I want to ask you guys. Your honest opinion. Is it worth getting reported for being extremely positive even though this behavior obviously helps our team to win more games? Or should I just switch back to normal mode? I want your opinions explained, please. Why, or why not. Thank you :)
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