Ban after ban after ban... Why Riot?

I have to admit, I never used to be the friendliest of players, I got reported for flaming quite often and I see my error, and in turn, I got my first chat ban for 30 games. I was finally aloud to freely communicate with other players and found myself banned again after about another week, but this time, I had a longer chat ban, and also a ranked ban for 25 games. Now as a player who spams ranked games this was rather frustrating for me. I did my time, completed the bans and was finally able to play some ranked again, however after about a month I got another ban. This time it was for 75 chat games and 25 WINS to play ranked. This took me forever to complete and I had really learnt my lesson, because I had nearly 3 months of not playing ranked while my pals were climbing the ladder. I stopped flaming and abusing people and I really did try to keep my abusive thoughts to myself. I finally got unbanned from ranked and chat bans 3 days ago. I played 4 ranked games since that time, I log on today to find myself banned from chat for 75 games and banned from ranked for 35 games. My question is, why am I always banned? I know silver league isn't the nicest league to be in, but c'mon, why do I keep getting banned? {{item:3070}}
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