Unfair Bans (reposted from incorrect board)

Game 1 IcyzoR: haven't played soraka since rework IcyzoR: how are we supposed to win???????? IcyzoR: we can't even dmg turrets IcyzoR: cuze IcyzoR: this game has op champions IcyzoR: u either play them and get easy win IcyzoR: opr get rekt by them IcyzoR: and guess what IcyzoR: soraka isn't op IcyzoR: but yasuo is IcyzoR: SS] IcyzoR: BOT IcyzoR: RUN IcyzoR: RUN IcyzoR: BOT IcyzoR: ty IcyzoR: I didn't die wtf IcyzoR: nor u IcyzoR: yasuo no skill champion IcyzoR: 0 cd flash IcyzoR: yep IcyzoR: see? IcyzoR: no skill at all required IcyzoR: NO FUCKKING SKILL IcyzoR: I AM BETTER THAN U IcyzoR: CUZE U PLAY A FUCKKING ANNOYING CHAMPION IcyzoR: DESIGNED FOR FUCKKING NOOBS IcyzoR: LIKE ALL ASSASSINS IcyzoR: EASY CHAMPIONS IcyzoR: YASUO REQUIRES NO BRAIN TO PLAY NOR TO MASTER IcyzoR: I FUCKKING TRIED IcyzoR: BUT SOMEONE PICK SORAKA IcyzoR: MR. OBVIOUS HERE IcyzoR: THIS GAME IS NOT FUN IcyzoR: LOSING BECAUSE THEY HAVE LESS SKILL BUT BETTER CHAMPION IcyzoR: NO SKILL IcyzoR: NO FUCKKING SKILL IcyzoR: LITERALLY A BRAINLESS PERSON CAN MASTER YASUO IcyzoR: AND GET AN EASY PENTA IcyzoR: DOUBLE CRIT PASSIVE IcyzoR: WTF IcyzoR: U SUCK AS MUCH AS THEY OR PRO AS MUCH AS THEM BUT I DOUBT IcyzoR: JUST THE CHAMPION IcyzoR: NO PLAYER INCLUDED IcyzoR: YASUO DOESN"T NEED A PLAYER IcyzoR: U FUCKKING SUCKKKKK MORE THAN ME IcyzoR: I AM BETTR THAN U IcyzoR: U PLAY A NOOOOOOOB CHAMPION IcyzoR: NOT FEED IcyzoR: IT"S ALL ABOUT CHAMPIONS IcyzoR: NO PLAYERS IcyzoR: THIS IS THE MOST BIAS GAME EVER IcyzoR: I WANT TO RETURN TO WOW IcyzoR: BUT MY FRIENDS PLAY THIS STUPID GAME IcyzoR: THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT CHAMPIONS IcyzoR: NOT PLAYERS IcyzoR: NO SKILL IcyzoR: FIZZ GETS EASY WINS YASUO GETS FREE WINS VAYNE ALSO IcyzoR: NO SKILL NEEDED TO PLAY THOSE IcyzoR: SAID THE FUCKKING YASUO IcyzoR: THE NEW MASTER YI IcyzoR: SAYS A CHAMPION AP HAS NO SKILL IcyzoR: SURE IcyzoR: NO SKILL IcyzoR: THE ABSOLUTE OF 0 IcyzoR: TRY TO PLAY?????????? IcyzoR: CAN":T U SEE??? IcyzoR: HE SUCKS IcyzoR: HE CAN"T EVEN PLAY IcyzoR: I AM MUCH BETTER THAN HIM IcyzoR: AND HE STILL WINS IcyzoR: CUZE HE HAS A NOOB CHAMPION IcyzoR: THIS IS JUST BS AND NOT FAIR IcyzoR: YASUO CAN EVEN NOT MISS A SINGLE FARM WHEN THE PLAYER IS BLINDFOLD IcyzoR: SO STUPID IcyzoR: RIOT DOESN"T NERF ASSASSINS IcyzoR: THEY ALL NEED NERF IcyzoR: ALL IcyzoR: U MUITED IcyzoR: FIRST IcyzoR: REPORT THIS FLAMER IcyzoR: U ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CALL ANYONE IN THE GAME NOOB AND STUPID IcyzoR: AND I MEANT TO MUTE HIM BEFORE HE MUTE ME IcyzoR: READ THE GAME RULES U AGREED ON IcyzoR: BEFORE EVEN READING IcyzoR: NOPE IcyzoR: THAT"S called "flaming" IcyzoR: just no skill yasuo champion for noobs IcyzoR: BAD GAME BAD PLAYED IcyzoR: U TOXIC Game 2 IcyzoR: nice bug bro IcyzoR: report fnatic worst adc flamer IcyzoR: nice aim IcyzoR: no skill champion lee sin IcyzoR: champion designed for noobs IcyzoR: bad game bad played IcyzoR: reported u flamre IcyzoR: I TOLD U PICK LEE IcyzoR: that aim noob IcyzoR: not bug IcyzoR: u need glasses IcyzoR: GANK IcyzoR: THAT BUG IcyzoR: yes IcyzoR: cuze jungler 0 gank IcyzoR: while they babysit IcyzoR: bad game bad played IcyzoR: u shut up IcyzoR: no skill IcyzoR: at all IcyzoR: lee is just stupid champion IcyzoR: designed for noobs IcyzoR: I NEED TO WIN A FUCKKIONG GAME IcyzoR: AND I CAN"TR IcyzoR: CUZE OF NOOB CHAMPIONS IcyzoR: NOPE IcyzoR: REKT IcyzoR: bad game bad played IcyzoR: no skill champion IcyzoR: NO SKILL IcyzoR: AT ALL IcyzoR: ABSOLUTE 0 IcyzoR: IN LEE SIN IcyzoR: THERE ARE NOTHING IN LEE SIN IcyzoR: EASIEST CHAMPION IN THE WHOLE WORLD IcyzoR: REKT IcyzoR: REKT IcyzoR: REKT IcyzoR: if there was less than 0 IcyzoR: that would be the skill required to master lee sin IcyzoR: reported flamer IcyzoR: get muted like your friend worst adc IcyzoR: no chance we win IcyzoR: again IcyzoR: bad game bad played IcyzoR: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IcyzoR: qq IcyzoR: qq IcyzoR: qq IcyzoR: QQ IcyzoR: QQ MORE IcyzoR: now back to mute IcyzoR: /mute best kitty na IcyzoR: rekt IcyzoR: u mad??? IcyzoR: mad IcyzoR: someone's mad IcyzoR: I know who IcyzoR: no skill champion IcyzoR: bad game Game 3 IcyzoR: I am mid IcyzoR: I said first IcyzoR: max q IcyzoR: not e IcyzoR: wtf IcyzoR: q does more dmg?? IcyzoR: e is a gap closer IcyzoR: just faceroll IcyzoR: like all assassins IcyzoR: WTF IcyzoR: NICE BUG IcyzoR: NICE BUG BRO IcyzoR: REPORTED IcyzoR: YY ACT STUPID IcyzoR: LIKE U DIDN"T SEE IT IcyzoR: WTF IcyzoR: HOWWWWWWWWWWWWW IcyzoR: YES IcyzoR: REPORT HIM IcyzoR: REPORT DOLOFONTAS IcyzoR: I NEEDA FUCKKING WIN IcyzoR: PLEASE LET US WIN IcyzoR: qq more IcyzoR: in the mute bar IcyzoR: no IcyzoR: we win this IcyzoR: WTF IcyzoR: u dont know me IcyzoR: I don't even know u IcyzoR: I went solo q IcyzoR: so stfu IcyzoR: last game what IcyzoR: ?? IcyzoR: what?? IcyzoR: answer IcyzoR: because u entered a game with me IcyzoR: so u know me IcyzoR: u should find some friends IcyzoR: bad game bad played IcyzoR: COMMUNICATE IcyzoR: giving them the drake IcyzoR: is a really good idea IcyzoR: WHY ARE U SOOO FUCKKING GREEDY IcyzoR: KILLS ARE USELESS IcyzoR: WE NEED TOWERS AND DRAKES IcyzoR: WTF IcyzoR: AGAIN IcyzoR: SAME GUY IcyzoR: REPORTED IcyzoR: no skill champion IcyzoR: brand is a noob champion IcyzoR: designed for nooobs IcyzoR: any unskilled player can master brand easily IcyzoR: said the one who doesn't even know the meta IcyzoR: NICE FARM IcyzoR: I get a border IcyzoR: u know nothing aout the game IcyzoR: exactlY IcyzoR: U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT EKKO IcyzoR: CUZE U SUCK IcyzoR: REPORT ASTHENEIAS FLAEMR IcyzoR: HE KEEPS SAYING I AM BRONZE NOOB IcyzoR: NO IcyzoR: EVEN IF IcyzoR: U DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ME THAT IcyzoR: READ THE GAME RULES U AGREED ON BEFOER READING IcyzoR: u can't say that IcyzoR: u are flaming IcyzoR: I did not IcyzoR: u did IcyzoR: i assumed u don't lie IcyzoR: but apparantly u do IcyzoR: ok dead IcyzoR: deal* IcyzoR: no skill champion IcyzoR: every brand in the whole world IcyzoR: is a noob IcyzoR: but playing a broken champion IcyzoR: for what??? IcyzoR: I didn't call u bronze IcyzoR: so I don't think I am the one "flaming" IcyzoR: YES U ARE IcyzoR: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF IcyzoR: THAT BUG IcyzoR: OMG IcyzoR: THAT BUG IcyzoR: only 2 times IcyzoR: u need glasses IcyzoR: 0/10??? IcyzoR: u need goddamn glasses right now IcyzoR: I was 6/10 IcyzoR: and befoere I was 5/9 IcyzoR: so get your shit together IcyzoR: fiuckking liars everywhere IcyzoR: I PRESSED R IcyzoR: WTF IcyzoR: NOPE IcyzoR: I AM NOT TRUSTING U ANYMORE LIAR IcyzoR: THERE ARE NO HACKS IcyzoR: NOPE IcyzoR: U JUST TOO NEW TO THE GAME IcyzoR: U NEED TO LEARN IcyzoR: NOPE IcyzoR: MY NAME ISNT SENPAI IcyzoR: AND I AM NOT TEACHING A LIAR IcyzoR: he lies IcyzoR: full build on assasssin IcyzoR: what do u expect?? IcyzoR: WOW This is the chat I took chat restriction for which is just not fair.It's not my fault some champions are broken as hell and riot's too lazy to nerf them.I don't care about lcs everyone knows it's rigged, I am speaking about the solo queue.From my experience (bronze 5 to Gold 2) There are broken champions in the game and they are all assassins and they all need nerfs. For example I am currently silver 5 so whenever I am in champion select then first pick forgets to ban fizz or yasuo, and they ofcourse will take this chance and instalock them so one of our team will have to dodge this champion select Because it's either a lose or will be a really really really really Difficult game to win against these "faceroll champions".These champions are : Fizz, Yasuo ,Vayne ,veigar , tryndamere , diana ,Ekko ,Leblanc.....other assassins aswell.We can't ban all these.Buy armor for vayne she has w and last whisper ...uy health she deals tons of crits and basicly only right clicking...just like minions do only right clicking.Which makes game not fun anymore.Moreover assassins can just oneshot literally the tankiest tank ever existed in the game it's just not fair.Also I think 99.9% of all this isn't even flame compared to my experience (bronze 5 to Gold 2) Everyone wants me to get cancer or die and those don't even get banned but I get banned because there are too many of them and only one of me..I am sure those people are also the same people who would come here just to downvote this.Just worth mentioning most of this text was in team chat not all chat.
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