Do I get perma now?

Hi, 4 months ago, i was 14 days banned. Last Season my behaviour was really trash, so i decided to keep positive this season and set it kinda as my goal. In the last 100 Games, I got approx. 2 Honors per game. Behaved friendly in 99% of my games. Mostly instant muted people, who behaved bad. But today, there was some different kind of game. My Team gave the enemys inhib for free and Gragas just spammed Emotes all game next to me and let me die. There was no Reason for him to do that and i got more and more tilted. Than seeing his 45% winrate in rankeds and he is complaining about my 60% winrate in ranked and told me I suck. After all of that, i was just frustrated and told him that he is a disgrace for his family, that he should hang himself in reallife and that I never thought that French people can be so %%%%%%ed like he is. I am really sorry for what I said, how high is the chance that I am getting perma banned now? Atleast 2 people sent in a ticket against me. Is there a chance to get a permanent chatban? Really would help more than Banning.

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