for god sake ppl keep playing ranked for like 9 months,hours and days put in thier ranked games.climb to gold/plat/dia/master/chall. and after all that god damn torture to get there,if they flame ppl that int,troll or if u even say something negative,u will get chat restrict honor 0 and all u did in last 9 months is meaningless caus u wont obtain everything u grind FOR WHOLE FREAKING 9MONTHS.caus u said something negative?well damn u riot ok u can restrict ppl,but dont take what is thier from em caus that,ranked is about us spending time in ur game to obtain border,skin,ward and icon,AND WE CANT GET IT CAUS WE SAID BAD WORD!?LIKE SRSLY?! btw that same honor is taking over game. u want to open chest "oh no no,u are honor 1 u cant obtain keys" u want to play clash "oh no no,u are honor 1 u cant play new gamemode that we made for u to play caus u were toxic" u want to climb and get rewards "oh no no,u are honor 1 u cant get rewards that u deserved caus that" like srsly.... im sry for my bad grammar but i think u all understood my point that honor is just destroying game...
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