Hi, im trying to contact riot after i got banned (again permanently this time) for toxicity.

this is the game that got me banned, i have no clue who reported me for being toxic. i see (or saw) people act FAR worse on the daily. please consider unbanning my account or atleast giving me my money back. i actually think this is thievery. Game 1 GetRektinator: hardstuck diamond 5 btw GetRektinator: EVRYONE GetRektinator: DRAKE GetRektinator: MID GetRektinator: THANK YOU GetRektinator: we can cheese GetRektinator: thank you :) GetRektinator: gg gj GetRektinator: my nama jeff GetRektinator: plis dont reprote GetRektinator: reproduce* GetRektinator: da diamond v smurf my ddude GetRektinator: nah i %%%%ing wish GetRektinator: gj GetRektinator: what GetRektinator: BUT CAN YOU DRINK PISS GetRektinator: we are number one GetRektinator: but everytime he says we are number one one of my braincells commit suicide GetRektinator: split tris GetRektinator: oops GetRektinator: -1 baron GetRektinator: cant GetRektinator: what?! GetRektinator: gg (what happened here our kayle dropped a ult that saved me but then got hit by a zilean bomb and waddled over to me and killed me with it) save: GetRektinator: omg Killed me: GetRektinator: nvm GetRektinator: you suck GetRektinator: %%% GetRektinator: %%%got Immediately said it was a joke GetRektinator: no jk xd GetRektinator: u xd GetRektinator: killed me xd GetRektinator: then killed me xd GetRektinator: life steal GetRektinator: xddddddd GetRektinator: damn you predicted my kindness got a bit salty since we were winning the entire game but they finished after one terrible fight: GetRektinator: %%%%ing gg GetRektinator: that was so lucky GetRektinator: that box won them the game GetRektinator: box won game GetRektinator: need to hurry all by all, did i really deserve to be permanently banned for this??? please seek for contact with me: [redacted]
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