riot's honorwall

after 3 years of playing this game i have decided to quit, at first the honor system looked like quite a cool and good idea, but now that they put most exciting things that i looked out for (clash, season rank rewards) behind a honorwall i've decided that it's been enough i'm not saying the ban system is unfair, i have been chat restricted 3 times this season (of which 2 were fair enough). but now that i've finally hit gold for the first time this season. i at least was looking forward to the victorious skin i would get. turns out riot put that behind a honorwall as well. i was restricted last week and now i am stuck at honor 1 checkpoint 0 with 30 days to go, which is never going to happen considering you get about 1 checkpoint a month same went about clash, i got my first chat restriction of this year 2 weeks before clash was announced, and i was unable to play because i got demoted from honor 2 checkpoint 3 to honor 1 checkpoint 0. the honor system in itself is a good idea, and i understand why it was created but in my honest opinion i think riot is over-punishing the people who get caught by it, i only had 3 slip-ups in a full season (and those were the only 3 since i started playing this game). and i got forced out of everything i looked out for. so hereby, i am quitting this game feel free to post opinions on this issue below

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