Thoughts on Permanently muting players instead of Permanently banning them?

Hello, this is my first post where I want to talk about the ban system and how it functions and potential features that could be implemented. To start off, my main account has been banned for almost 3 years now and all that time I've been messaging support (not constantly, just every few months) to ask if I can get another chance or to take something else away so I can get this account back. I've put countless hours in this game and have precious memories in this account which is why I wasn't and i'm still not prepared to give it up even after 3 years. It will seem pointless to most if not all of you why i'm doing these things but i'm making this post in the hope that even one person understands me. I'll post the chat logs that had gotten me banned at the time and you're free to have your own opinions of what I said but I hope you can understand the whole picture and hopefully believe me that I wasn't the one initiating toxicity in the game, however I wholeheartedly agree that I should have gotten punished and I should of taken the 2/3 week ban as the absolute last straw and there is nothing I can say to that extent other than wanting to slap my old teenage self in the face. Here are the chat logs I mentioned before: Game 1 In-Game s9gJ7CCFQ3: well gg s9gJ7CCFQ3: i go in like you said lulu s9gJ7CCFQ3: look what happened s9gJ7CCFQ3: go afk then s9gJ7CCFQ3: i report s9gJ7CCFQ3: our jungler is afk s9gJ7CCFQ3: yes s9gJ7CCFQ3: so are u s9gJ7CCFQ3: you keep talk s9gJ7CCFQ3: when i go in s9gJ7CCFQ3: you asked me to go kog s9gJ7CCFQ3: "pls go kog or lucian" s9gJ7CCFQ3: thats what i said s9gJ7CCFQ3: you said* s9gJ7CCFQ3: no you didnt s9gJ7CCFQ3: good call s9gJ7CCFQ3: not following you again lulu s9gJ7CCFQ3: yeah sure s9gJ7CCFQ3: gg s9gJ7CCFQ3: why go towards me lulu s9gJ7CCFQ3: everytime you ping to go in s9gJ7CCFQ3: we die s9gJ7CCFQ3: lmao everyone blame me s9gJ7CCFQ3: kled is 0-5 s9gJ7CCFQ3: flaming?? s9gJ7CCFQ3: i say gg s9gJ7CCFQ3: and you say reported s9gJ7CCFQ3: muted s9gJ7CCFQ3: then everyone say fk you s9gJ7CCFQ3: im talking in present tense? s9gJ7CCFQ3: really* s9gJ7CCFQ3: LOL s9gJ7CCFQ3: she said i had bad positioning s9gJ7CCFQ3: not the other way round s9gJ7CCFQ3: yes i'm confused s9gJ7CCFQ3: cause everyone is blaming me s9gJ7CCFQ3: when it's not entirely my fault s9gJ7CCFQ3: whole* s9gJ7CCFQ3: the just hop on the bandwagon s9gJ7CCFQ3: to they don't have to blame themselves s9gJ7CCFQ3: So Game 2 In-Game s9gJ7CCFQ3: well s9gJ7CCFQ3: reported s9gJ7CCFQ3: you could of dc s9gJ7CCFQ3: so we could remake s9gJ7CCFQ3: but no s9gJ7CCFQ3: you had to be the asshole. s9gJ7CCFQ3: you can see ignite in loading?? s9gJ7CCFQ3: you could of closed league s9gJ7CCFQ3: you CHOSE to play s9gJ7CCFQ3: and fk us s9gJ7CCFQ3: go fk yourself s9gJ7CCFQ3: report lee for troll please s9gJ7CCFQ3: he refused to dc so we could remake aswell s9gJ7CCFQ3: .. s9gJ7CCFQ3: got a troll support on top of that s9gJ7CCFQ3: nice lee s9gJ7CCFQ3: troll goddamn team s9gJ7CCFQ3: gonna afk, bot is open s9gJ7CCFQ3: don't see the reason to play this out s9gJ7CCFQ3: why? s9gJ7CCFQ3: i would be happy to try s9gJ7CCFQ3: if jungler wasn't trolling s9gJ7CCFQ3: dude can you imagine this s9gJ7CCFQ3: lee could of remakes s9gJ7CCFQ3: he could of remaked s9gJ7CCFQ3: but he didn't s9gJ7CCFQ3: just to screw us over s9gJ7CCFQ3: that's fkin unbelievable dude s9gJ7CCFQ3: so we all lose LP for HIS mistake s9gJ7CCFQ3: no we don't s9gJ7CCFQ3: you know it was over when the game started s9gJ7CCFQ3: for some reason you just don't want to blame lee s9gJ7CCFQ3: even though it is entirely his fault s9gJ7CCFQ3: fk that dude s9gJ7CCFQ3: im not wasting my time on lee s9gJ7CCFQ3: ill play but this is pointless s9gJ7CCFQ3: you could atleast give me farm s9gJ7CCFQ3: next time you fk up lee s9gJ7CCFQ3: dont screw over team and play the game out s9gJ7CCFQ3: afk s9gJ7CCFQ3: lee s9gJ7CCFQ3: i pinged you to go bot s9gJ7CCFQ3: mad lol s9gJ7CCFQ3: lee intent feeding it looks like now s9gJ7CCFQ3: hmm didnt think that would hit me s9gJ7CCFQ3: no s9gJ7CCFQ3: lol s9gJ7CCFQ3: you fed ani s9gJ7CCFQ3: Ggwp s9gJ7CCFQ3: Report lee Game 3 In-Game s9gJ7CCFQ3: i bet you dont have a cat s9gJ7CCFQ3: funny... s9gJ7CCFQ3: i have 250k mastery on jinx s9gJ7CCFQ3: watching this s9gJ7CCFQ3: is painful s9gJ7CCFQ3: watching a support that isn't a support s9gJ7CCFQ3: you got me s9gJ7CCFQ3: you see 3 s9gJ7CCFQ3: but you go in s9gJ7CCFQ3: easy s9gJ7CCFQ3: and xin s9gJ7CCFQ3: just for your information s9gJ7CCFQ3: you could see graves s9gJ7CCFQ3: bot already s9gJ7CCFQ3: wp s9gJ7CCFQ3: if only i was adc instead of this thing s9gJ7CCFQ3: im gold th s9gJ7CCFQ3: tho s9gJ7CCFQ3: 9hp tho s9gJ7CCFQ3: i know why you pre with riven now s9gJ7CCFQ3: so you can get carried s9gJ7CCFQ3: lmao s9gJ7CCFQ3: i mute aswell then s9gJ7CCFQ3: lets just report after game vel s9gJ7CCFQ3: report jinx please s9gJ7CCFQ3: just flaming s9gJ7CCFQ3: how? s9gJ7CCFQ3: thats funny s9gJ7CCFQ3: rekt s9gJ7CCFQ3: ^^ s9gJ7CCFQ3: bird brain swain s9gJ7CCFQ3: fk i was afk s9gJ7CCFQ3: this jinx just standing at the tower.. s9gJ7CCFQ3: go to hell s9gJ7CCFQ3: trolling %%%% s9gJ7CCFQ3: jinx flame me saying silver player when jinx is silver s9gJ7CCFQ3: makes sense s9gJ7CCFQ3: im g4, but not gonna be for long if i keep getting players like jinx s9gJ7CCFQ3: you want me to ks? s9gJ7CCFQ3: what s9gJ7CCFQ3: just forget it dude, talking to you makes me lose brain cells s9gJ7CCFQ3: not to mention you are extremely racist jinx s9gJ7CCFQ3: stop stepping on traps xion s9gJ7CCFQ3: xin s9gJ7CCFQ3: what s9gJ7CCFQ3: Feelsbad s9gJ7CCFQ3: man s9gJ7CCFQ3: my blue now s9gJ7CCFQ3: stealing buffs on 120 ping like a boss s9gJ7CCFQ3: gottem s9gJ7CCFQ3: 18 b4 the adc s9gJ7CCFQ3: ekks dee s9gJ7CCFQ3: sorry s9gJ7CCFQ3: does jinx still talk shit? s9gJ7CCFQ3: cause no one push s9gJ7CCFQ3: stop spam s9gJ7CCFQ3: "why we suicide one by one" s9gJ7CCFQ3: blind? s9gJ7CCFQ3: i need to set vision s9gJ7CCFQ3: we were losing anyway s9gJ7CCFQ3: adc trolling s9gJ7CCFQ3: lol s9gJ7CCFQ3: no i didnt s9gJ7CCFQ3: you say that bc your adc is pre s9gJ7CCFQ3: no one push s9gJ7CCFQ3: no one fight s9gJ7CCFQ3: so we lose s9gJ7CCFQ3: vel koz always the first caught s9gJ7CCFQ3: and you blame me s9gJ7CCFQ3: you saying its not true> s9gJ7CCFQ3: ? s9gJ7CCFQ3: lmao s9gJ7CCFQ3: you say i am worse because i tell the truth s9gJ7CCFQ3: and it hurts I won't be picking apart the logs line by line like other posts probably have done and any negative opinion you think about me after this is probably correct but I hope you can emphasise with me as a 16/17 year old highschool student who had been getting bullied, who was failing exams and was constantly moving around. Things got to a boiling point and at that point in my life, league was an escape like it is for many of you. But I approached the game by only playing ranked and getting all my self validation and confidence from that since I could not retrieve it anywhere else. I took every game too seriously and would never go offline on a loss until I physically started punching my leg to stop. I'm in a much better place now and work out my anxieties in another medium and have matured. Now for the main topic of this post (so I can avoid rambling in this big wall of text). I want to think about the ban system itself but to begin with I want to explain that I was a player that was only toxic and never trolled or inted games intentionally, Some times I might have crossed the line and done it but in the thousands of games I've played I could count the amount of times I inted on one hand (and not the whole game) because I took it so seriously and wanted to win every single one. By now you're probably thinking "Hurry up and get to the point" well here it is; I think permanently muting players or at the very least having another ban after the 2 week ban/(month?) would go along way to helping players reform. If I had gotten a year ban instead of a 2 week one I would have gotten more time to reflect on what I truly did wrong in the game whereas in reality, there was a 4 month maximum time span where I had gotten the first ban and then the permanent ban. Being the teenager I was at the time, I (now reluctantly) brushed off the first ban I had gotten and just assumed I would never be permanently banned. I just wish I had time to really think about what I did wrong in those games instead of being in denial that it wasn't my fault and carrying on being a complete douche towards my team mates. I don't want to ramble on any longer so I just want to say I hope, I need a feature like this to be implemented. I would happily accept a permanent mute on my account that has been floating around the forums for a while or atleast another appeal after the 3 years I have spent in limbo where I can talk about having another chance to retrieve my account back. I'm prepared to wait however more years I need to, and I believe I've done the time, I just want to see my account again, the friends I lost and all the accumulated memories I have gained through playing on it for years. I thank you truly for reading this far and happy 10 year anniversary, Riot.
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