Weird people constantly joining my team

Could anyone explain me if it is the usual thing is this game that I find myself being matchmade with people who have no intention of actually playing the game, winning the game or something that's near the concept of at least doing something within a game? Lately I find myself often with people who scream or yell things in chat that I would not even show to my son of 3 years old (would I have a son) and team comps that end in the following scores, just a couple examples: * [Example one](; * [Example Two](; * [Example Three]( As you can see, I am really intending on winning games and actually do stuff in a game, but it seems like my teammates always seem to be doing the opposite of what's "supposed to happen" in League. I know I could report these kind of players, but this is only a long time solution. Am I doing something wrong or is the current matchmaking system just plain horrible?
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